General Questions asked when travelling abroad and Access Africa's response

  • Can arrangements be made to organise a carer, or nurse, to come in if required?
    Yes, A carer/PA is available on request at a minimal charge. They have been trained with the needs of a C4/5 spinal injury. However, will need to be verbaly instructed with each individuals needs and differences as they are not qualified nurses. Professional nursing can be made available but at a cost.

  • Is the setting down point from the car on gravel, cobbles or hard surface ?
    Hydraulic rear lift transfer from an adapted vehicle onto a hard surface of paving. Paving throughout walkways and driveways.

  • Are all the doors, internal and external wide enough for the maximum width of a motorised wheel-chair ?
    Yes All doorways have been custom-made with internal doors 900mm and external doors and entrances 1800mm

  • Is the shower a wheel-in shower or over the bath.?
    Flush-floor / wheel-in shower in all units

  • Is there a substantial shower seat?
    Yes Fold-up Showerlux durable plastic shower seat with stainless steel and aluminium frame. Size large 480x460mmand load capacity of 150kg.

  • What height are the shower controls? High or low?
    Shower controls are fitted low complete with mixer tap and adjustable handwash set. In addition, the soap dish and shampoo dispensers can be moved to any convenient position as they are not drilled and fixed but on a plastic suction mechanism.

  • Is there space to turn and transfer from chair to shower chair?

  • Is there plenty of turning space in the bathroom?
    Yes More than 4m/sq

  • Is the toilet left or right transfer?
    Both left and right transfer available ( unit 1- right / unit 2 - right / unit 3 - left )

  • What height is the toilet from floor to top of rim?
    Top bowl - 470mmTop seat - 500mm

  • Are there horizontal and vertical grab bars in the shower, bathroom and toilet?
    YesBoth horizontal and vertical grabrails are fitted plus medical taps on basins500mm straight vertical grabrail by shower seat2 flange dog-leg side grabrail by toilet.

  • What height are the electric switches and sockets from the ground?
    One touch- easy touch LeGrange light switches ( 1150mm ) and plug sockets fitted ( 450mm )

  • What height are the cooking facilities and worktops from the ground level?
    950mm with open workspace, fridge at ground level for easy access and medical mixer taps. However these kitchenettes are not essential as full breakfasts and dinners are provided on the deck or boma-entertainment area.

  • How much space is there between the wall and bed.? Enough for a wheel-chair?
    YesMain bedroom - double bed with 1.5m space on either side2nd bedroom - 2 x single beds with 2m space between3rd loft bedroom - double bed but not wheelchair accessible ( upstairs )

  • What height is the bed from the floor to the top of the mattress ?
    Bed heights can be varied with adjustable legs according to your requirements.Lightweight duvets/quilts are provided and are simpler to use than conventional tuck-in sheets and blankets.

  • Are there any aids available such as hoist etc ?
    Yes Manual hoist, shower-chair / comode, and adapted vehicles with clamps.
Fun Facts
  • 11 official languages:
    • English,
    • Afrikaans,
    • Sotho,
    • Zulu and
    • Xhosa the most widely spoken.
  • Currency: Rands
    • Notes: R200, R100, R50, R20, R10
    • Coins: R5, R2, 50c, 20c, 10c, 5c
  • Chalet Dimensions and details:
    • internal doorways custom made 90cm
    • entrance doorway is double door 180cm
  • Climate averages:
    • Summer ( Jan ) min 21 to max 28 degrees.
    • Autumn ( April ) min 17 to max 26 degrees.
    • Winter ( July ) min 10 to max 23 degrees.
    • Spring ( Oct ) min 17 to max 24 degrees.
  • Population:
    • 40 million people.
  • Major Sport:
    • Soccer,
    • Rugby and
    • Cricket.
  • Recreational Sport:
    • Athletics,
    • Swimming,
    • Hiking,
    • Jogging,
    • Cycling.
  • Malaria free area although mosquito repellent is essential in summer months.
  • Hats, sunscreens, comfortable shoes, binoculars and cameras are important.
  • Notification of any special dietary requirements.
  • Staff are trained to assist you but will still need you to tell them exactly how you would like your care to be managed while on holiday.


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